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Expert carpet cleaning, color repair, upholstery cleaning, oriental rug care, Host dry extracton...

DRYEX strives to provide a level of service second to none .. and we guarantee it.













Quality service is true value...

Living room and carpet.We frequently take inquiries and phone calls that start with one question 'how much do you charge?'.

This is a great question to ask when you are shopping for a new toaster or a gallon of gas. Sure little differences can be found but in the end, you are shopping for a commodity. Cleaning your home and the textiles you are intimate with is a service. You want it clean, healthy, safe and long-lasting for your family. What value are you getting for your hard earned dollars?

Through our training and continuing education program; with the very best equipment available on the market today, we at Dryex strive to provide a level of service second to none. We guarantee it.

We don’t run specials. We don’t float flyers and coupons. We just focus on delivering you the best value possible. Price generally is an indicator of quality though not always. Peruse a recent article in Seattle to see what we mean.

But if you still are needing to shave a few bucks off your cleaning budget, we have three suggestions:

  1. Take our on-line savings quiz and submit it.
  2. Lock your price in for life. Simply call us back for service at least once a year and we’ll never raise your square footage rate again...ever!
  3. Refer us to a new client and earn a Referral Certificate worth 10% of the job referred that you can mail back for cash redemption, retain for future services or give away as a gift certificate. The choice is yours. They never expire and you can accumulate as many as you can accumulate.