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"Thank you for doing such an excellent job on the carpet. It looks fabulous!"


"...The carpet looks even better today. I really am pleased with the job you did. I definitely will spread the word about Dryex. "


"Our rugs look perfect, and we look forward to many years to come of continued service."


















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Thank you...Thank you...So so much it feels like a new start. Just what I needed...Thank you.

T. Musser
Olympia, WA


Dear Mike,

You did an unbelievable job on the carpet in my art studio.  When I dropped that big blob of purple acrylic paint on the cream colored carpet, I thought I had trouble.  Then when I smeared it into a 10 inch stain, I knew I had trouble!   Not only did you remove that stain completely, but dozens of little water color stains in the surrounding area.  Thank you for the excellent service. 


S. VanZandt
Olympia, WA



Dear Mike,
The top priority for my Monday is to express the appreciation of my husband and myself for how you rescued us in a troublesome fix. From reading some of testimonials on your website, I noticed our experience was almost identical to the one of A. Hartwick, Olympia, WA.
With a desperate need of having our carpet cleaned, my husband and I phoned your main phone number on a Friday, April 4, close to 6 p.m. We, like A. Hartwick, talked directly to you, the owner, with no messages, no telephone tag. You listened patiently to our dilemma of a carpet cleaning competitor not showing up at our address on Friday. With not getting the carpets cleaned on Friday, our need moved to having the job happen the very next day, Saturday.
You said you normally don’t work on the weekends. However you would be available in the coming week. We explained how we had already moved the furniture of this house, a rental property, to have the carpet cleared for the cleaning.  Now some rooms were blocked off due to the furniture being placed in them.  It would be difficult for our tenants to go the weekend without access to certain rooms such as the kitchen, laundry area and downstairs bathroom.
With that said, you responded that you were having guests this weekend.  However, you could understand how desperate we were to get the job done on Saturday. You generously offered to call your home to see if you could fit this job in on a day you normally scheduled for family. Within minutes, we received the phone call with your response of, "You’ve got a deal." You asked if 11:00 a.m. Saturday would work and if we had space for your large truck either in our driveway or on the street.
True to your word, Saturday morning, slightly before 11:00 a.m., you were at our address with your technician. Upon inspecting the severely soiled and stained carpet of the main living areas, you reported that it was wool (a fact that neither my husband nor I knew). You gave us the heads up that with wool carpeting, some stains are impossible to remove. You would get it as clean as possible. However, some stains would remain. You asked us, "Did you still want to have it cleaned?" We appreciated your knowledgeable assessment of our carpet. You gave us a reasonable estimate.
The prospect of replacing the carpet and pad at this time was not something my husband and I wanted to do. So, we proceeded with the carpet cleaning. The work performed by you and your technician produced a better looking carpet. Yes, some stains were left, but the carpet really is cleaner.  My husband and I are happy; our tenants are pleased.
Whenever we have carpet cleaning needs, either at our rental or our own residence, you will be called on speed dial.  I will refer your business to our friends. Thank you for an example of customer service that went above and beyond what is ordinarily expected.  Please express our thanks to your family and guests. You have my permission to use my testimony.

With sincere appreciation,
L. Franzen
Rochester, WA


Dear Mike, Matthew, & Elias,

On Friday September 22, I called your main office line at 5:30 p.m. to get last-minute carpet cleaning done. I wanted to write and tell you how appreciative I am to you all.

When I called, I was surprised to get an answer so late in the day, let alone an answer from the owner ...while he was in Las Vegas. Mike, your commitment to your business and your customers is a quality everyone should possess in today's market. Thank you!

My impression of your company was further enlightened when Matthew and Elias so willingly went out of their way to work out a way to get the carpets cleaned. Matthew returned my call promptly and informed me that Elias was willing to do the job and would be there within the hour. Not only did Elias follow through, true to his word, but he did a fantastic job.

Please feel free to use this letter as a testimony to your services! Your customer service is a true rarity in today's marketplace and I am beyond thankful to you for your outstanding efforts and commitment.

I have already added Dryex to our company's list of Preferred Vendors and will recommend you to anyone.

Very Grateful,

A. Hartwick
Olympia, WA


Hello Mike,

First, thank you for the fantastic job on the carpets. I'm walking around the house marveling at the lack of even a single stain!

Again, thank you for just a marvelous job.

T. Pulsipher
Olympia, WA


Michael, thank you for the great job you did on the [Turkish hand woven] rugs. They look brand new.

B. Miller
Olympia, WA

Fantastic! I was really impressed with the finished product in my home today. Kudos to you, Michael for a great job! Thanks.  The grey carpet especially looked new. Let me know when it is due again.

Ms. Connors
Olympia, WA

Thanks so much for the GREAT cleaning job you did on our carpets! Before I called you, I thought that due to all the spots on our light colored carpet that we would need to replace the carpets that we have. Thanks to your wonderful cleaning job, our carpets look brand new!! A few days after you had cleaned our carpets, a neighbor had stopped by our house and asked if we got new carpet! We will definitely use DRYEX the next time we need our carpets cleaned .Thanks again!

M. Baroga
Olympia, WA

You did an absolutely wonderful job. As you may know, we have purchased the house and wanted to have the carpets cleaned to determine what we would need to replace. After your work, the answer is, “None of it.” Good news!

Mrs. Broderick
Olympia, WA

Thank you so much, Mike. I had no hopes for the downstairs carpet ...but it looks great! I really appreciate your efforts. Thank you.

Mrs. Jones
Lacey, WA

Just wanted to drop you a note and say thank you very much!  The carpeting looks great! It needed cleaning very badly.....and I can tell you moved quite a bit of furniture too!

Mrs. Ashline
Olympia, WA

Pleased to have you in our home recently, and the work you performed helped us a lot. My allergies cannot be attributed to dust mites anymore - just Spring pollens.

Mr. Kipp
Olympia, WA

I just wanted to let you know that the red spot is gone!!!! The carpet looks even better today. I really am pleased with the job you did. I definitely will spread the word about Dryex. Thank you again and I will probably call you soon to have the upstairs cleaned. The green spot in my room came out as well as the marks by the vent!

Mrs. Pelton
Lacey, WA

Thank you for doing such an excellent job on the carpet. It looks fabulous!!

Mrs. Jenkins
Lacey, WA

Dear Mike Ellis, we are extremely pleased with our carpet cleaning. Not only were you able to fix our Clorox spot, but also you were able to remove the black stains around the carpet edges due to forced air heating. Our rugs look perfect, and we look forward to many years to come of continued service. You are truly a professional, who comes on time, efficient trustworthy. Thanks again, sincerely.

S. Walsh
Lacey, WA