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Most malodor issues arise from pet urine. Mold and mildew are probably next followed by old spills such as milk and vomit. We’ll reserve the mold and mildew issue for separate discussion but let’s look at the others.

The first rule of odor control is to remove the source of odor. Removing it from the face fibers is easy. Removing it from the primary and secondary backing, the yarn bundle and latex adhesive and possibly the cushion and/or substrate, the tackless strip and maybe some vertical surfaces is not simple but possible. We have the tools and techniques and we get to practice often.

Once the source is eliminated, we then treat the area with appropriate odor chemicals to deal with microscopic pockets of contamination that escaped our cleaning efforts.

As you can tell, done properly, this is involves quite a bit of work. We’ll honestly recommend replacement if we deem it to be more cost effective. There are short-cut, short-term solutions to odor control that way too many firms offer and charge heavily for and we’ll explain those to you too but we need to evaluate the situation first to make the appropriate recommendation and cost proposals.

We cannot guarantee complete odor abatement (anyone who does is foolish in our opinion) but can offer an accurate probability of success and we can guarantee topflight professional workmanship, knowledge and care.