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Keep your carpets looking great!
Here's how...


Planned Cleaning
Unplanned Cleaning
Preventive and cost effective
Reactive and costly
Extends carpet life Leads to premature replacement
Focus is on keeping clean carpet clean
Focus is on cleaning dirty carpet
Program driven Product driven
Results driven Activity driven
Eliminates uglied out carpet; protects assets
Leads to “uglied out” carpet

Maintenance Cleaning, Proactive

The objective of carpet maintenance is: Clean carpet every day of the year at a reasonable cost! Our planned maintenance program does exactly that!

The first step is to survey the building to determine the current conditions. Use the checklist below to get started, then call us.

Carpet Maintenace Checklist

  • Chair in office.Where are most spots and spills? Can you identify them?
  • Check for soil buildup at entrances - especially the right-hand door which usually gets the most use.
  • Check for walk-off mats. Are they large enough? Are they clean? Is the placement correct? Are they the right type?
  • Check condition of parking lots and sidewalks.
  • Are the elevators carpeted? If so, is the carpet clean; is it removable?
  • Check the vacuum cleaners. In what condition are they? Belts, bags, etc. Are they clean? Do they work properly?
  • Check the condition of the carpet on the upper floors in a multistoried building. Is soiling excessive for the traffic & conditions?
  • Make a note of the most heavily used areas in the building. This could be the entrance, break room or some other densely populated area.
  • Does the carpet require restoration cleaning?
Carpet Appearance Level Planned versus unplanned graph.

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