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Call us for On-the-Spot Carpet Color Repair

We use only Prism Color/Fast Dyes, the industry’s finest.

“Mysterious” accidents caused by bleach spills, toilet bowl cleaner, acne medication, harsh liquids and sun fading can create color loss in your carpet. Whatever the cause, it makes your carpet look dirty and unkempt

Now you can solve your carpet’s color loss problem - without going through the hassle and expense of tearing out and replacing a section or the entire carpet.

Results that assure your satisfaction.

Using the tested and proven Prism method, our Certified Carpet Colorist will analyze the spotted area, neutralize and prepare it for dyeing, and then utilize his special proven methods of training to perfectly match the dye to the rest of the carpet.

Colors that are more permanent, more like your carpet’s original colors.

Prism Color/Fast Dyes meet and exceed the industry’s highest standards and are formulated to perfectly bond to virtually any carpet fiber. No carpet dyes last longer or provide more exacting results.

New perfectly matched liquid dye is precisely and permanently applied with the unique Prism color injector your carpet looks like new again.

Our aim is for you not to find the color loss; our standard is for a stranger, such as a renter or real estate agent, not to notice it. We reach our aim often!